Here are some of the learning resources that have been most useful to me.


  • Colored Pencil Painting Bible Alyona Nickelsen
  • Colored Pencil Painting Portraits Alyona Nickelsen
  • Colored Pencil Basics for Artists of All Levels Karen Hull
    Colored Pencil Portraits Step by Step
    Ann Kullberg
  • Realistic Portraits in Colored Pencil Karen Hull
  • Colored Pencil Secrets for Success Ann Kullberg
  • Capturing Soft Realism in Colored Pencil Ann Kullberg
  • Sublime: A retrospective of Colored Pencil Artworks Linda Lucas Hardy
  • Find Your Voice compiled by Ann Kullberg


  • Sunrise: Colored Pencil Project Kit Pat Averill
  • Skin Tone Colored Pencil Project Kit Ann Kullberg
  • Step by Step Tutorial: A Child on Drafting Film Karen Hull
  • Step by Step Tutorial: Portraits of Older People Karen Hull
  • Surfaces Vol. III: A Complete Guide to using Colored Pencils Gretchen Evans Parker
  • on Drafting Film
  • Create Realistic Portraits with Colored Pencils Ron Celano
  • Dazzling Chrome Rhonda Dicksion
  • Realistic Landscapes in Coloured Pencil Karen Hull
  • In Depth – A Colored Pencil Portrait Ann Kullbert
  • In Depth: Golden Pears Ekaterina Putyatina
  • In Depth: Bursting with Berries Ekaterina Putyatina
  • Darker Skings in Pencil and Pitt Pens Karen Hull
  • CP Surfaces: Black Paper Amy Lindberger
  • Jump Start: Drafting Film Rhonda Dicksion
  • In Depth Tutorial: River Rocks Scott Krohn
  • Craftsy Class: Realistice Portraits in Colored Pencil Karen Hull


CP Hidden Treasures Vol. I – V Ann Kullberg

CP Treasures Vol. I – VI Ann Kullberg


Portrait Tools: smART cards Ann Kullberg:

  • Nose Guide
  • Eye Guide
  • Mouth Card
  • Skin Tone Value Viewer

Coloured Pencil Conversion and Comparison Charts Karen Hull

Color Magazine

Web sites (Colored Pencil Society of America)